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LED industry investment hasten hot excess capacity


In view of the industry development prospects and government policy support, most LED enterprise had to face the difficult.

LED excess capacity

Shares of Rio to throw the 3. 800 million yuan to build the photoelectric industrial park, DE hao embellish to hit 3 billion yuan to build the biggest package base, mainland LED lehman photoelectric to vote more than 0 million to build high-end LE D production line, the day the 0 million investment shares LED project, amethyst to throw 2.9 billion yuan in photoelectric xinjiang production sapphire crystal, the ladies to lift up the photoelectric four sets of production order LED extension of equipment, ZhongKai planning MOCVD 6. 22 square kilometers make LED industrial park, WuLong 2.1 billion yuan LED industry to start construction project was Kurt get capital increase 1. 800 million yuan LED industry development faster growth, coal enterprises throw 1 billion yuan relate to the sapphire substrates LED ground-broken projects, wave a total investment of hua 7. 500 million yuan to build the photoelectric industrial base of linyi built…

Recently, all over the country are feeling a cold LED industry investment boom, move the billions of dollars of investment project is not a few. The reason for this, one industry, analysts say this and the current policy on stimulus.

According to information, the fourth quarter of the year the semiconductor lighting a number of leading policy is expected to have come. Not only that, the ministry of finance is jointly with the development and reform commission and a plan to the competent departments such as semiconductor lighting products, is expected to launch four quarter subsidies. In addition, the ministry “ten city lamp” implement measures guidance in the fourth quarter is expected to release.

Because of this, L E D industry attracts many capital to enter. But, according to expert analysis, L E D industry situation seems to some hot before and the polycrystalline and LCD panel is similar. From the current construction and plan of construction projects, look at the statistics L E D capacity at least overdrawing in 3 to 5 years of market demand.

In fact, at present the whole L E D industry is in excess of the structural crisis. The first two years to come across the L E D investment planning and building capacity is already far exceeded the market demand, the most serious overheating in the investment of L E D sapphire substrates for example, its capacity of the construction projects of 101 million/year, and China’s current and actual demand for 6.85 million piece, only 1/10 of the lack of capacity.

At the same time, the industry chain sapphire substrates, chip, packaging, application in price in dropping. According to a senior L E D industry research institute (G L II) statistics, this year-July 1, 2 inches of sapphire substrates price from / highest early piece, down to the current of the 13- / piece, declined by over 50%; The price by 25% on average LED chips; L E D encapsulation average the price by 23%; L E D application average price cut 21%. And different kinds product price changes, part of a greater difference between lamp price drop even as high as 75%.

Expecting the government to pull

In the L E D industry excess capacity, engineers L E D industry research institute President ZhangXiaoFei worried about said that, at present, L E D enterprise has appeared polarization, and the year or 10% of LED business failures. And in some time ago to a meeting of the 2011 China a low carbon economy industry development BBS “on, L E D lighting enterprise lai depends on di photoelectric technology (shenzhen) company chairman DengWeiYe made it clear that” at present 90% of LED lighting enterprise in the red state.”

Hold the same view and from the DengBai’s research department, deputy director of the IC T ZhangBenHou, he says, most L E D lighting the losses of the enterprise has been the fact that does not dispute.

On the demand stimulus of adverse, many enterprises in the hope that the government body.

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